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    Since 2012 hotelscan has created the best search engine for Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Motels and other types of accommodation, to help you find the lowest prices during your travels in your favorite cities all around the world. No need to go to different websites to search for offers to save a few dollars, hotelscan does all this work for you quickly and automatically, thanks to our advanced algorithms, to save you time and money. The comparison service you can find on hotelscan gives you the best results according to your search for cities, countries, points of interest, neighborhoods, surrounding areas, types of accommodation, price range and types of rooms. On our pages you can see all the information to make the best choice in relation to what you need, comparing detailed costs, updated photo galleries, available services, local map, dates of arrival and departure, the distance from the city center and ratings for each individual hotel, guest house or B&B.

  • Save money for free: no extra cost

    The search service on our site has no additional costs: the prices you see are the same as those on the original site for booking your hotel, we just put them next to each other and show them all as they are. In this way you can see all the real costs in one page, from small guest houses in suburbs to luxury resort 5 stars at the center of the city. Our aim is to help you to spend less, that’s why you can trust hotelscan: we have developed a secure and reliable comparison system, which benefits everyone. Now you have the power to choose the best deals on hotelscan and save money for the stay of your dreams.

  • Save more: on average -35% on reservation

    How? A room for a hotel or BnB has different prices from site to site, with variations that can go from a few dollars up to hundreds. The same room can cost even twice on other sites! On hotelscan you can feel confident that the price is the lowest ever, because you choose the best one among all those available.

  • Compare prices for hotels, B&B, Guest Houses and more

    How to start saving money? Write your international destination in our search bar, look at the results and filter them by the available options, sort them by the maximum price you're willing to pay, browse through photos, city zones and ratings. It’s simple! We are able to make you pay less because we check the actual cost of each property on dozens of different agencies, increasing room availability exponentially: a normal online booking site has an average of between 100 and 200,000 hotels in its catalog. We've collected nearly 3 million offers, including all hostels, B&Bs, apartments and motels in that city: so many choices allows you to truly find the hotel and the room that's right for you, paying a fair price.

  • Find the perfect room for you

    Our goal is to help you finding the perfect accommodation for your needs: if you're happy with your booking and if you come back to hotelscan for all your travels, then we can continue to do our work in the best way. This is why you can trust hotelscan: your satisfaction, the reliability of available information and competitive prices are all in first place in our daily goals. We strive every day to provide the best results and the greatest number of quality places to stay all around the world.

    Don’t limit yourself to hotels: at hotelscan you can compare different types of lodgings for each city:

    • Hotels
    • Bed and Breakfasts
    • Motels
    • Resorts
    • Guesthouses
    • Apartments
    • Hostels

    For each booking, you can compare the prices, rooms, photos, date of arrival and departure, their location on the map, ratings and services available, such as the availability of:

    • WiFi internet
    • Swimming pool
    • Parking lot
    • Gym
    • Restaurant
    • Bar
    • Business services (such as meeting rooms)
    • 24-hour reception
    • Television
    • Air conditioning

    With hotelscan you reduce the risk of your option being "Sold Out". Each booking site has a limited amount of rooms available for each hotel. This means that if other people have already booked all the rooms for that website, you can not book another room even if there are more available on other sites. At hotelscan, you don’t have this problem because we are showing room availability for all online booking agencies and all rooms really available in that accommodation.This is possible thanks to our daily updated database with data from over 100 online booking websites from the most popular, such as,,, Agoda, Ebookers and many more.

    On our site you can find everything you need to make the best choice of your life: now it's up to you to find the ideal solution for your stay, at the lowest price. Start searching and comparing on hotelscan: book now and save money!