About us

hotelscan is a website for comparing prices of Hotels, Bed & Breakfast and other types of accommodation. Find more, save money and book with us!

Founded in 2012, hotelscan is a meta-search engine for hotels and all types of accommodations.

Our team is composed by travel experts, professionals in online communication and developers always up to date on the latest web technologies, to deliver you the best site and the best App to book the accommodation that suits your needs at the lowest price.

Every day we work hard to update our pages, add new features and provide the most competitive prices, to make hotelscan your favorite website for when you need to find where to stay during your next vacation. We are a group of people ready to find the most innovative and useful solutions to provide the comparison service for hotels that we have always dreamed for. If you want to become part of our team, look at our open positions: we will be happy to evaluate new employees that can bring hotelscan to rank first in the hotel metasearch market.

The office in which our team is working on hotelscan is located near Chiasso, Ticino (Switzerland), to welcome Italian and international professionals in a dynamic and challenging environment. Do you want to contact us? Write your email to [email protected]

Who uses hotelscan?

There are thousands of people who each day use our website and our app to compare hotel prices and find the best deal for their travel. There was a time in which to pay less you had to spend a lot of time looking and carefully read several websites of hotels or booking agencies, to compare costs, amenities, location in the city and available dates. Who uses hotelscan saves both time and money: just look for your destination in our search bar and within seconds you’ll see in one page all the available hotels, with info to make your best choice: price, location on the map, ratings, photos and services. Users on hotelscan know what really matters and we are happy to help them to always find the best price in the most simple and fast way.

Why to choose hotelscan?

Users choose hotelscan because they want a reliable and up to date price comparison service, with all the important features for those who want to spend less while still booking quality hotels.

Save on average 35% on your booking: the same room has different prices between different online travel agencies, which can vary greatly depending on the season and demand. The same room can cost even twice! On hotelscan you can be sure that the price is the lowest ever, because you compare it yourself to all available offers, in a single page.

Wide choice: usually an online booking agency has on average between 100 and 200,000 hotels in its catalog. We've collected nearly 3 million accomodations: it is easy to find the room that best suits your needs, by type and price. We compare prices and information for hotels, bed and breakfasts, guest houses, apartments, hostels and resorts, different choices for every budget and occasion.

Reduce the risk of "sold out": every booking agency has a limited amount of rooms available at the same hotel. This means that once all rooms are booked in a single website, the hotel is marked as "sold out", even if there are more available rooms in other sites. This happens more often than you can imagine! On hotelscan you don’t have this problem, because in addition to prices, we show availability of all rooms in all the OTA websites that we compare.

No additional cost: our search service and price comparison does not increase the cost to your booking, the prices you see on hotelscan are the same as those on the original website. We show them all, as they are: this way you can see on one page all the real costs for the accommodation of your dreams, from small guest houses in the suburbs to luxury 5 star resorts. Our aim is to make you to spend less, this is why you can trust us: we have developed a secure and reliable system, which benefits everyone.

Now you have the power to choose the best offer on hotelscan and to save money booking the hotel of your dreams.